Facilities for visitors


IT Services

The Information Technology department of the Gambia National Library provides services such as: Internet service, printing, document scanning for researchers.


Reference Library

The Reference library serves as a reading room for individual study or a group discussion area for students from senior secondary school and tertiary institutions as well.


Adult Lending

The Adult lending section holds the largest collection of fiction and non-fiction books. Most of the registered members who visit the library on a daily basis borrow books from this section. Registered members are able to borrow two books at a time, and use them for a duration of two weeks.



This section of the library is stocked with good interesting books as well as current reference books for junior and early readers.

The GNLSA Children’s Library introduced two activities, namely:

  • Story time with the children’s librarian.
  • And reading program with Nursery school pupils.


Nursery school children comes to the children’s library with their teachers for story sessions and guided reading activities. The children’s librarian uses both English and local languages, to capture and retain their interest.